Support Us

It’s not easy keeping a rural village pub open. It takes an enormous amount of work by volunteers and money is always tight, especially after Covid and then the Cost of Living Crisis.

There are four ways you can support us.

By donating.

We do not have an open share offer at the moment but people have asked if they can donate. You can and all the money you give goes to keeping the pub open in these trying times. Please email if you’d like to donate or visit our Crowdfunding page here.

By buying a pre-paid & gift card.

These help with cash flow, which is an issue with such a seasonally driven business. You can buy them in multiples of £100, to a maximum of £1,000. Please contact if you’d like to buy a pre-paid gift card.

By holding your own event.

Events are the life blood of the pub. They give people a reason to visit, dragging them away from their TV screens and into the pub. We already have a number of successful events, like the quiz, the village lunch and the music night, as well as one offs and occasional events like an Art Fair and dog reiki. If you have an idea about an event, please contact

By volunteering.

Volunteers get so much done that otherwise would have to paid for, from working in the bar, serving tables, working in the kitchen, tending to the garden, maintaining the property, standing in the committee…it’s all vital stuff. If you can offer some time, however much, it will make a difference. The more people who volunteer, the more gets done, the better the pub will be. So it you have ideas about how to make it better, please get in touch at

Anything you can do will help enormously to keep this beautiful, and essential, village pub open. But, of course, perhaps the best way to support the pub is to visit more often!