The Kings Arms at Strete

One of the finest views on the Devon Coast

The Kings Arms is our pub, owned and run by the local community here in Strete. It is one of the first community owned pubs in the South West. And because it's owned by the people from the village, we'd like to think it offers a warmer welcome. A bit more of the real local flavour. A better connection with life in these wonderful parts. All with car parking, a large garden and a kids playing area.

We pride ourselves on our crowd pleasing food favourites menu, the best local beers, and a range of events, daytime and evening, to keep everyone amused and entertained. And then there's the view. Sometimes we just sit there, drink in hand, and look out over those fields to the ocean beyond and thank our lucky stars this is where we live.

We hope you can share in that feeling.

Key Info

Autumn opening hours:


Mon – Sat: 11am-2.30pm &
5pm -10pm
Sunday: 11am-10pm


Mon -Sat: 12pm-2pm &
Sunday: 12pm-6pm


07742 473266



The Kings Arms
Strete Village
Strete, South Devon

Core Menu

A range of comforting crowd pleasers. Including smaller dishes, sharing plates and something more special for those important occasions. And of course, in these parts, you've got to have super fresh local fish and chips, Dartmouth steaks and Totnes Stout and Wild Mushroom pie. And the best coffee and freshly baked pastries along the coast road.

For the full menu, please click here.

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We have just opened but our plan is to make sure that there's always something going on, from regular events like quiz nights and curry nights, to special events marking all festivals and holidays, as well as a few made up for the sheer fun of it. Say hello to Crazy Hair Day.